For whom has deinetickets.de been developed?

deinetickets.de has been developed for hosts, bands and venues, who set value on an effective transaction of their ticket sales, without investing in advance.

Is the use of deinetickets.de really free of charges?

Yes. We are financed by the fees of your effectively sold and paid tickets. Cancelled and not paid tickets will not be invoiced. The fees are simple: 10 % of the nominal value of tickets, but not more than EUR 2,50 including value added tax, of every sold and paid ticket.

What happens to the data of our customers?

The data of your customers is the most important thing for us. deinetickets.de is completely encrypted by SSL, even before the input of any data. Your customers are able to choose if they want to receive a newsletter from you, while they are buying. If your customers agree, than you can use the address of your customers for subsequent marketing purposes, by newsletter export. A transfer of customer data from us to a third party will not happen.

A newsletter transmission with external promotion is excluded.

What are print@home tickets and how do they work?

The customer just prints his ticket by himself with his normal printer. Our print@home tickets are branded with an individual and unique code. This code will be verified via a deinetickets.de code list or scanned and checked via the deinetickets.de admittance management system, directly at your check-in desk. Both alternatives are possible. We are looking forward to discuss the possibilities of admittance management with you.

We are working together with a dispatch provider. How does the dispatch of our tickets work?

deinetickets.de has an export function for dispatch at our disposal. By using this, you are able to import the customer data, which is important for dispatch, into the program of your dispatch provider. As a matter of course, deinetickets.de will generate delivery slips and packing lists, optionally.

Is it possible to grant discounts or to use promotional codes?

Of course it is. You are able to grant unlimited promotional codes and discounts of different values for your events. It is also possible to limit the discounts for a fixed quantity or a fixed period. Campaigns like "pay 2 - get 3" and others are also possible.


"Debit / Actual" Statistics, earned advanced booking charges, earned forwarding expenses, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly rapports, number of sold tickets and much more. Everything is available and clearly arranged.

Which payment methods are available?

You as a host have the following options:
PayPal, bank transfer, Sofort.com/Klarna, cash payment, direct debit, credit card and invoice

You also can offer payment by credit card to your customers, via our partner company Heidelberger Payment group, as a clearing provider.

deinetickets.de advertises on a free of charges use for their hosts and on fully control of fees. How does that work?

There will be only a fee charged if a ticket is sold and completely transacted. We charge 10% of the nominated value of a ticket, but not more than EUR 2,10 plus value added tax. You are able to transport these charges completely or partially to your customer. It is up to you how much you charge for the advanced booking.

deinetickets.de advertises on an additional margin via advanced booking charges. How?

If a ticket and service provider sells your tickets, he will charge you and your customer for provision, in the worst case. Using deinetickets.de, you are your own service and ticket provider and you decide if and how much advanced booking charges you will invoice to your customers.

You decide if you use these charges to refund the small fees of deinetickets.de, or if you increase the advanced booking charges slightly, to gain an additional budget.

• The nominated value of your ticket is EUR 10
• Our fees for an ordered and paid ticket is:
10 % = EUR 1.00 including 19 % value added tax in Germany

You invoice EUR 2.00 for advanced booking charges to your customer and earn a gain of EUR 1.00 (including value added tax).

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