/ˈɪmpækt/ - noun
the powerful effect that something has on someone or something

Remember a moment where a realization hit you like a rock? Ever dreamed of wanting to have a lasting impact?
Let’s spend a night discovering something new and finding ways to imprint our ideas and values on each other.
Follow our socials for more information on the venue, dresscodes, inspiration and the community itself.
Dark and gloomy, rough and edgy, elegant and chic are the attributes we bring to the dancefloor. Express yourself.
With Dirk and Olli on the turntables and some very special guests talking to you about all sorts of impact, physically and socially, we welcome you to shine brightly through the night.
All creatures are welcome, no matter the gender, sexuality, background or relationship style.
The rules:
- The dresscode is kink: normal streetwear is not for tonight!
- no invitation - no touching or commenting!
- Only yes means yes!
- Keep your distance to ongoing sessions!
- be respect- and mindful!
- no photos!

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78 days left
Sat, 31.08.2024

10:00 PM / 10:00 PM

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69a
20359 Hamburg

Leo Franke
Meriandamm 38
22119 Hamburg