A Night of Heavy Metal 2022
Live on Stage:
Sons of Odin - Tribute to the Kings
Draconian Remains

DEFEND TILL THE END - so der Leitspruch der Heavy Metal Gruppierung DEFENDER. Verteidigung des Traditionellen Heavy Metal, das ist ein Stichwort dass sich die Vier Jungs zu Herzen nehmen und den Oldschool regelrecht leben. Enge Hosen, Nieten, Bandanas und die Einflüsse Ihrer alten Vorbilder wie z.B. Iron Maiden, Riot etc. machen „Defender“ zu dem was sie sind. Zweistimmige Gitarrensoli oder aber auch schnelles Spiel auf den Drums und eindringliche Refrains, sowie auch die große Bühnenpräsenz und das mitreißen des Publikums kommen hier auf keinen Fall zu kurz.
TRIBUTE TO THE KINGS - so lautet das Motto der MANOWAR Tribute Band SONS OF ODIN. Bestehend aus Mitgliedern der Band NIGHTGLOW präsentieren die vier Italiener die besten MANOWAR Songs live on Stage. Mit mehr als 300 Gigs hat sich die Band in Italien und Europa einen Namen gemacht. Auch ex MANOWAR Schlagzeuger RHINO begleitete die Band bereits auf Tour.

DRACONIAN REMAINS, HEAVY! green instead of just black and gray. Nevertheless, the five young Swabians make no secret of what their hearts are attached to. On flawless heavy metal, which always goes forward and is committed to headbanging! The men deliberately orientate themselves to the sound of the early 80s. Modern songwriting paired with the original intention of heavy metal,” DRACONIAN REMAINS are closer to the "Killers" album than IRON MAIDEN will ever be! - Time-For-Metal-eu .Everything seems so familiar, but something seems to be different. Five young boys set off from loud Balingen to explore the world of heavy metal. Heavy metal in its original way, as celebrated by bands like IRON MAIDEN, U.D.O or JUDAS PRIEST. They are by no means content to emulate the idols. On the contrary, they found their own way of keeping this music alive. DRACONIAN REMAINS produced their first album "The Start Of A Journey" themselves. On February 28, 2020, also in-house production, their first LP “THE FIRST CRUSADE” followed, with which they can already record several thousand streams and a steadily growing heavy metal fan base.
But that was just the beginning of the journey. The german heavy metal locomotive has now picked up speed and is unstoppable. It is already clear that a band is maturing here that will have a lot to offer in the future. SPREAD THE NAME! DRACONIAN REMAINS!

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Sat, 02.04.2022


The event is already over.


Hohenzollernstraße 4


Hohenzollernstraße 4
88637 Leibertingen-Thalheim


07:00 PM / 08:00 PM

Admission and Start

Andreas Reuter und Andreas Schmieder Event GbR
Leitachhang 14
88637 Leibertingen






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